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    Inspired by Structure

    Structure Bodywork began in February 2011. It came from the inspiration of structure that surrounds us. Just as plants and buildings have structure so do humans. Every body is unique and I treat each client with curiosity, care and planning. I am trained to evaluate you as a whole being. You have a unique blue print. Your template is one of a kind. From this perspective I create treatment customized specifically for you by investigating what is being held and how is it being compensated by the rest of your structure. This is a specialized bodywork clinic helping every body using advanced modalities. I am so grateful and humbled that I get to use my abilities to aid you in being your best being!​

  • About Me

    Jeane Bauer Structure Bodywork and Massage Seattle

    Jeane Bauer, L.M.T.

    Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist



    Jeane has practiced bodywork and massage therapy in Seattle, Washington since 1997. She has the ability to go right to the source of the issue using a variety of modalities. Her practice is abundant with different clientele from athletes to children. Her intuitive skills alongside her vast knowledge of human anatomy and physiology allows her to be present to the story of the body. Jeane develops a treatment to fit the individuals' need. Alongside private practice Jeane was the University of Washington Track and Field massage therapist from 2011-2017. She hosted the recovery clinic for Cascade Crest 100 mile endurance from 2011-2015. In her personal time she is doing puzzles, working on art projects and finds the best way to be centered is to do a lot of self care and get herself into nature.

    You can learn a technique, but you can only develop passion through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work.

    – Piero Bambi